"EDC" Every Day Carry Cylinder Box - Olive Wood

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This Handmade Everyday  Carry Box is made out of Olive Wood.  This box was handmade from start to finish.  This cylinder box is great for storing anything from Tooth Picks, Queue Tips, Matches to Paper Money.  Your imagination is the limit.  


  • Material - Olive Wood 
  • Wood Description -Olivewood is an exotic wood that is native to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. It has a sentimental and religious significance to several cultures and religions. The wood is hard and strong, and has fantastic working characteristics, making it a favorite for wood turning and carving. What makes this hardwood so unique is the extraordinary grain pattern of each individual piece, as well as the distinctive and inviting fragrance that it gives off. It even becomes darker, richer, and more beautiful in color as it ages! It has long been a favorite for religious, historical, and artistic artifacts
  • Dimensions - L 5 1/4"  x W 1"